Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Two steps back: stripping miniatures with Simple Green

Taking a bath in Simple Green
Following my personally unprecedented spray undercoat disaster, I've now embarked on the personally unprecedented experience of paint stripping, at least in a modelling context. If you've landed here after Googling "modelling" and "stripping", you'll be disappointed. Otherwise you may wish to follow this experiment in case you are ever unfortunate enough to have to follow suit.

Following advice garnered from TMP, I invested £17.98 (ouch) in two bottles of Simple Green and delivery. I've laid the models in a couple of recycled plastic chicken trays, and topped them over with the non-toxic, bio-degradable green fluid served neat. This took one bottle, leaving one in hand.

The only thing that concerned me at this stage was whether the Simple Green would eat through the plastic containers and turn a disaster into a gushing, soggy catastrophe. I could have played safe by using glass sundae dishes but that would have required reassuring Mrs Phalanx about food safety and I don't like issuing guarantees.

The stripper needs to loosen the gritty undercoat and a wash of (brown) acrylic paint, in reverse order. With no good weather for respraying in prospect (this is England), I'm happy to let them soak.  I'll let you know how I get on.

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