Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Field of Glory on PC

Field of Glory Medieval II
Field of Glory as a miniatures game is too involved for me, but I've enjoyed playing Field Of Glory Medieval II and Field of Glory II on PC.

The mechanics of these games are very similar to Pike And Shot Campaigns, but the units consist of vividly coloured, animated figures, so it looks rather like a 28mm miniatures game come to life. Although the game is IGOUGO the little men will go on fighting for hours on their own!

I actually bought the Medieval game first and was sufficiently impressed to get the Ancients one as well. Medievals are mostly undrilled and don't get the free 45 degree turn. This is only right but has a big effect on manouverability. Otherwise the games are very similar. The Medieval one is particularly colourful, but the Ancient one gives you the spectacle of elephants and chariots.

Playing these games has revealed a remarkable ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. It pays to be bold but not reckless. It's good to attack but gather your forces for a concerted effort first. Make a mistake and the AI will exploit it mercilessly.

The AI is very good indeed, particularly on an immediate local level. It is a little less adept at seeing the big picture, so a good strategic plan can pay off.

I've bought every downloadable extension and I've played through every 'Epic' (i.e. historical) battle from the default side against the AI, but have yet to play any other sort of game.