Wish List

Renaissance (Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World's End, 15mm)

There are some additional armies that interest me, but I need to finish - or even start - my Irish, English and Spanish intervention armies first:
  • Barbary Pirates (Berber list). These raided the coasts of Britain and Ireland so can be exotic opponents for my English and Irish armies.
  • Moghul-Rajput Wars, because I like elephants.

Seventeenth Century

  • 2mm (?) Thirty Years War for Twilight of Divine Right.

Nineteenth Century Continental (Bloody Big Battles!, 2mm?)

  • French, Austrians, Prussians.

Nineteenth Century Colonial (The Men Who Would Be Kings, 28mm)

  • Boshin War.
  • Abyssinians.

Twentieth Century (Crossfire, 15mm)

  • WW2 Japanese.

Fantasy (Dragon Rampant, 28mm)

  • North European Bronze Age.
  • Aegean Bronze Age.
  • Revenants.
  • Prehistoric.
  • Celtic Myth Barbarians.


  • Spanish Armada (skirmish level) - 1/600 - Galleys & Galleons. 
  • Anglo-Dutch Wars Naval - General-at-Sea. Would now probably just try this with counters.
 23 June 2019