Ancient & Mediaeval

DBA 3.0/Dux Bellorum/Impetus/Sword & Spear
  • Numerous 15mm and 6mm Ancient and Mediaeval armies which can be used with any of the above but I will probably now concentrate on DBA.
Command & Colours Ancients (boardgame)

Landwasters and Raven Feeders (Dark Age variant of Lion Rampant)
  • 25mm Vikings and Anglo-Danish - not yet used for this, but they are currently being rebased and will be in action soon.

Bloody Barrons
  • 15mm Wars of the Roses armies.
Lion Rampant
  • (28mm Burgundian and Swiss forces planned.)

  • 25/28mm French-Italian Wars.
Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World's End
  • 15mm colonial Portuguese and Dutch.
  • (15mm English, Irish and Spanish armies to be completed.)
  • (15mm Samurai armies to be completed.)
Rules of Battle
  • 10mm Nine Years War (1688-1697) Williamites and Jacobites.
Eighteenth Century

  • 10mm Seven Years War Austrians and Prussians. Based and usable but will be painted over time.

Nineteenth Century

Bloody Big Battles!
  • 10mm American Civil War.
  • Kriegspiel-style blocks that can be used for any armies.
Command & Colours Napoleonics (boardgame)

The Men Who Would Be Kings
  • 28mm Anglo-Zulu War.
  • (28mm Pathan force to be completed.)

Twentieth Century

Square Bashing
  • 10mm WW1 1918 British and Germans.
Red Actions
  • 10mm WW1 figures used as proxies for fighting in the Baltics.
  • (10mm Chinese Warlord armies to be completed.)
FUBAR /Gruntz 15mm
  • 28mm Irish War of Independence.
  • 15mm Spanish Civil War
  • 15mm Stalingrad Germans and Soviets.
  • 15mm Normandy Americans and Germans.
  • 10mm WW2 Normandy armies.
  • (3mm 1940 French and German armies to be completed.)

Chain of Command
  • (28mm Ardennes American and German forces to be completed.)
Cold War Commander
  • 6mm Soviets and Germans.

Corvus II
  • 1/600-650 Ancient Naval galleys 
Galleys & Galleons
  • 1/450 pirate ships from the 'Golden Age of Piracy'.
Hammerin' Iron 2
  • (1/600 American Civil War ironclads - need more as and when I can buy them ready-painted.)
Damn Battleships Again
  • 1/3000 Spanish-American and Russo-Japanese Pre-dreadnoughts.