1. Paint 28mm Border Reivers for The Pikeman's Lament.
  2. Prepare storage boxes for 28mm ACW.
  3. Reorganise and rebase 15mm Ancients for ADLG.
  4. Base and paint additional 28mm Pathans (and/or collect more painted ones esp. swordsmen).
  5. Collect 28mm warbands for Dragon Rampant.
  6. Collect 28mm figures for 1798 Irish Rebellion (ongoing).
  1. Base 28mm AWI on coins etc.
  2. Base 28mm ACW Federals on coins etc.
  3. Collect some additional 28mm AWI Continentals for Rebels & Patriots
  4. Collect/paint 28mm ACW Confederate cavalry and artillery for Rebels & Patriots
  5. Get 28mm Buccaneer samples for size comparison.
  6. Minor repairs to 28mm Zulus.
  7. Texture 28mm Zulu War bases.
  8. Texture 25mm Dark Age bases.
  9. Texture 28mm Late Medieval bases.
  10. Texture rebased 10/15mm trees.
  11. Draw designs on blank 25mm Dark Age flags.
  12. Paint additional 28mm Dark Age figures.
  13. Correct funnels on 1/600 ACW ironclads.
  14. Plan storage for 1/600 ACW ironclads. 
  15. Collect 28mm Irish retinue for Late 13th Century Ireland for Lion Rampant.
  16. Collect 28mm Buccaneers and Spanish for The Pikeman's Lament
  1. Prepared storage boxes for 28mm Border Reivers.
  2. Prepared storage boxes for 28mm AWI.
  3. Collected additional 15mm Goths. 
  4. Collected 28mm AWI Continentals.
  5. Collected 28mm ACW Confederate infantry.
  6. Collected 28mm North American farmhouse.
  7. Collected 28mm North American snake-rail fencing.
  8. Collected 28mm ACW Union infantry, cavalry,  artillery and additional buildings.
  9. Collected additional 28mm ACW Confederate infantry.
  10. Collected 28mm stone walls for North America etc.
  11. Added steel-paper to 28mm MDF-mounted Confederate infantry. 
  12. Removed 28mm ACW Federals from old bases.
Updated 17 February 2019.