1. Paint 6mm Thirty Years War armies for TVBD.
  2. Base and paint 28mm Elf, Orc, Goblin, Halfling, Aegean Bronze Age and North European Bronze Age warbands for Dragon Rampant.
  3. Base and paint additional 28mm figures for Men of the North and Arthurian Romance Dragon Rampant war bands.
  4. Paint 28mm Border Reivers for The Pikeman's Lament.
  5. Base and paint additional 28mm Pathans for TMWWBK.
  6. Finish collecting, base and paint 28mm Buccaneers and Spanish for The Pikeman's Lament
  7. Finish collecting, base and paint 1798 Irish Rebels and Militia for Rebels and Patriots.
  1. Reorganise and rebase 15mm Ancients for ADLG.
  2. Construct etc Black Seas 1/700 Napoleonic ships.
  3. Paint 28mm ACW Confederate cavalry and artillery and additional infantry for Rebels & Patriots.
  4. Minor repairs to 28mm Zulus.
  5. Complete 28mm Zulu War, 25mm Dark Age, 28mm Late Medieval, 28mm AWI and 28mm ACW bases.
  6. Texture rebased 10/15mm trees.
  7. Draw designs on blank 25mm Dark Age flags.
  8. Paint additional 28mm Dark Age figures.
  9. Correct funnels on 1/600 ACW ironclads.
  10. Plan storage for 1/600 ACW ironclads. 
  1. Prepared storage boxes for 28mm Border Reivers, AWI and ACW.
  2. Based/rebased 28mm AWI and ACW.
  3. Based 6mm Thirty Years War armies for TVBD.
  1. 15mm Elizabethan English, Irish and Spanish armies for Irregular Wars.
  2. 15mm Samurai armies for Irregular Wars.
  3. 10mm Chinese Warlord armies for Red Actions.
  4. 6mm 19thC German, French and Austrian armies for Bloody Big Battles!
  5. 15mm SciFi for Gruntz 15mm.
  6. 10mm Seven Years War Prussians and Austrians for Maurice.
  7. 28mm 28mm WW2 Ardennes US and Germans for Chain of Command.

Updated: 1 December 2019.