1. Base and paint additional 28mm Pathans. 
  2. Collect 28mm warbands for Dragon Rampant
  3. Collect 28mm retinues for 13th Century Ireland for Lion Rampant.
  1. Rebase second additional batch of 28mm Late Medieval pikemen.
  2. Minor repairs to 28mm Zulus.
  3. Texture 28mm Zulu War bases.
  4. Texture 25mm Dark Age bases.
  5. Texture bases of first additional batch of 28mm Late Medieval pikemen. 
  6. Texture rebased trees.
  7.  Draw designs on blank 25mm Dark Age flags.
  8. Paint additional 28mm Dark Age figures.
  9. Correct funnels on 1/600 ACW ironclads.
  10. Order foam storage for 1/600 ACW ironclads. 
  1. Rebase 28mm Zulu War and 25mm Dark Age figures.
  2. Line and partition Really Useful Boxes for Zulu War, Pathan, Dark Age and Late Medieval figures.
  3. Add steel/steel paper to 28mm Late Medieval bases lacking it.
  4. Rebase trees to uniform style.
  5. Make-up 4Ground 28mm Saxon/Medieval buildings.
  6. Add coins/steel paper to all 28mm Pathan bases.
  7. Prepare foam storage for 28mm Dark Age scenery. 
  8. Add coins to bases of 28mm Natal Native Contingent. 
  9. Rebase 28mm Late Medieval pikemen.
  10. Sort storage for 28mm Late Medieval pikemen. 
  11. Minor repainting of 25mm Dark Age figures.  
  12. Add metallic basing to 28mm Colonial Egyptians.