Monday, 10 June 2019

Mounting Slotta figures on coins

Some of my figures for Dragon Rampant (in particular the Knightmare Miniatures Goblins) were designed for Slotta bases but I wanted the figures to match my other figures which are based on coins.

Theoretically I could have mounted the figures on Slotta bases and then on coins, but the smallest Slotta bases I could find were too big. They came almost to tbe edge of the 2p coins and would have made the bases look too thick.

And so, I tried three other methods of attaching the figures to coins. In all cases I first used Games Workship sprue clippers to make a 50% reduction in the depth of the figure's tab and then filed the bottom of the tab flat.

(1) Lump of Greenstuff

Greenstuff alone: the figure kept keeling over.
This looked straightforward but the figure kept on leaning over before the Greensuff set.

(2) Matchsticks

Matchsticks: strong but time-consuming
I superglued two short lengths of matchstick to a coin to create a slot and then superglued the figure into the slot. This was highly effective but also fiddly and time-consuming.

(3) Superglue alone, then Greenstuff

First stage: Superglue and faith alone.
I got this advice off a forum. You superglue the figure to the coin to fix it in position. I used three or four separate small blobs of Gorilla superglue gell. You have to hold the figure in place for a few seconds, and then leave it for a day. At this stage it's a bit fragile as the point of contact is so small. Next day you reinforce the join with a lumps of Greenstuff which you push against the sides of the tab.

Second stage: Reinforcement with Greenstuff and all is well.
The third option was both successful and straightforward so that is the one I pursued.

I also had a few Orcs on Slotta bases. These were quite big figures and had very wide stances with their toes coming almost to the edge of the coins. For these I had to remove the tabs altogether and just superglued the bottoms of their feet directly to the coins. These are not going to be as robust and only time will tell if the bonds are adequate.