Sunday, 7 July 2019

2019 - 6 monthly review

A recent 'cut-down' game of Hammerin' Iron kindly
organised by my friend Ian using his ships. Photo
shows my very bad handling of the CSS Virginia. Ouch.
Of the games I wanted to play this year, I have played:
  • The Men Who Would Be Kings.
  • Lion Rampant.
  • Dux Bellorum.
  • Hammerin' Iron.
I have not played:
  • Dragon Rampant
  • L'Art de la Guerre.
As regards planned projects:
  • Worked on the 28mm Border Reivers for The Pikeman's Lament.
  • Continued collecting 28mm 1798 Irish Rebellion companies for Rebels and Patriots.
  • Got some 28mm AWI Continentals to partner the British for Rebels and Patriots.
  • Made some progress with reorganising, rebasing and supplementing my old 15mm Ancient and Mediaeval armies for L'Art de La Guerre.
Most of my collectong/modelling/painting time has, however, been focused on unexpected and unscheduled (!) activity:
  • Fantasy armies for Dragon Rampant.
  • Buccaneers and Spanish for The Pikeman's Lament.
It's in the nature of a wargamer's life to flit from one thing to another. I'll just have to sell off more books to make room for even more figure-filled RUBs.

My priorities for the rest of the year are:
  • To play more Rampant games of all types.
  • To play some more games of Hammerin' Iron.
  • To base and at least undercoat all Dragon Rampant warbands so they can be tabled.
I haven't spent a great deal of time on the hobby, but I have attended most club game nights and chipped away at a whole load of projects.

I keep a very basic diary of jobs done. It shifts the focus from contemplating an unscaleable lead mountain to enjoying little steps actually taken, and it's a great source of satisfaction and encouragement.