Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Square Bashing the First Balkan War and the Chinese Warlord Era

The Balkan War 1912-1913,
Alexander Vachkov
I was planning to do both the First Balkan War and the Chinese Warlord Era using Peter Pig's WW1 Square Bashing rules when I saw that they are being revised and extended to include these periods. This is good news but now I'll probably want to see the army lists before collecting the armies. I'm also now waiting for the forthcoming Osprey book on the FBW.

I already have late WW1 British and German SB armies in 10mm, and I am planning to use 10mm Pendraken figures again. For the First Balkan War these will be WW1 Russians for the Bulgarians and Colonial Egyptians for the Turks. For the Chinese Warlord Era I will be using WW1 Russians and British, and Russian Civil War Bolsheviks with the pointed caps filed down. So far, I've only bought some FT-17 tanks.


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