Saturday, 12 April 2014

Spanish Civil War - Reinforcements

Here are some pictures of reinforcements for my Spanish Civil War armies. They were completed some time ago but have not been featured here before. The figures are all 15mm Peter Pig and based for use with Crossfire, though I'm also planning to use my SCW armies for something more grand-tactical at some point.


The Spanish Foreign Legion and Regulares (see below) spearheaded Franco's revolt against the Spanish Republic and provided him with hardened professionals. The Spanish Legion was formed in 1920 in imitation of the French Foreign Legion but actually recruited mostly native Spaniards.
Regulares (Moors)
The Fuerzas Regulares Indígenas (Indigenous Regular Forces) were Moroccan recruits with Spanish Officers. They were feared by the Republicans and not trusted with HMGs by the Franco side.

Requetés (Carlist Militia)

The Carlists were a deeply conservative and Catholic tendency which joined Franco's coalition in preference to its opponents. The Carlists were strongest in Navarre and had a high reputation for fearlessness.
Anarchist Militia
The Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (National Confederation of Labour - CNT) was a confederation of anarcho-syndicalist trades unions affiliated to the Federación Anarquista Ibérica (Iberian Anarchist Federation - FAI). Behind the Company Commander with the flag there is a group of Dinamiteros (bomb throwers).


  1. Beautiful units, very tempting!

    1. Phil

      These units add a bit of colour, especially the Regulares and Requetés. As usual, the painting was actually pretty simple - basically a wash for the main colour, block painting of some detail and then a stain. An almost equal amount of work went into the bases. The flags were computer-generated and printed on paper. Flags and bases are mostly what you see so that's what I concentrate on.