Saturday 30 December 2023

2023 in review

FoG II Medieval: Rise of the Swiss
In the first half of the year I managed to play a few games of Xenos Rampant and Blucher and produced the Blucher low-relief scenery. 

Towards the close of the year I filled some hours of insomnia by playing through the 100YW English, Burgundian, Swiss, Timurid and Matthias Corvinus campaigns in Field of Glory II Medieval. I've always found computer games to be a good way of easing myself back into tabletop gaming.

Finally, I pulled my finger out to write the last four posts for this blog before year end. Occasionally I find time to read and comment on other wargaming blogs.


  1. Good to see a return to more regular blogging efforts. Will this continue into the New Year?

    1. Thanks for your comment. It depends on whether I get any wargaming done! I have plenty of unfinished projects to choose from, but I'd really like to do something new providing it doesn't involve any significant painting.

      I'm currently thinking about high level actions on the WW2 Eastern Front, though that is more likely to take the form of a board or computer game rather than one with miniatures.

    2. Hi Richard, it's good to see you getting back into your blogging stride.

      If you want to play a really great, high level game set on the Eastern Front, you should try Phil Sabin's eponymous game, "Eastern Front". It's available free to download here . It's a very simple simulation of the entire war on the Eastern Front. It's easy to play but full of tension and challenging decisions.

      I knew it was a great game after playing it a few times because I suddenly realised that, though the Germans will generally find it very difficult to win, nevertheless I get sucked in every time, thinking "just one more successful push". It's brilliant.

      All the best,


    3. Hi Chris, Thanks for this lead which looks really interesting.

      I finally made it to my local club last Monday and took part in a game of 'The Men Who Would Be Kings' so I am officially wargaming again.