Friday 1 March 2024

Cavalier 2024

Chris of Tonbridge Wargames Club (my local club) put on a participation game of DAK Attack at the Cavalier show with support from other members.

The nicely painted models attracted a steady stream of visitors who came to chat. We are hopeful that a couple of new club recruits will take the King's shilling.

It's hard to judge the overall footfall at the show, but there seemed to be less games and definitely less traders than in previous years.

My only purchases were three little bottles of paint for my 28mm Russian Civil War project and some ball bearings for paint shaking.

My main achievement of the day was shifting over £90 worth of books on the very efficiently run bring-and-buy stand. This has cleared some more shelf space, allowing me to spread out my figures and scenery so I can find them a little more easily.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, the mat, scenery and toys all worked well together. The aircraft were ready-painted metal collectors models.

      I particularly liked the paint finish on the trucks which Chris did with contrast paints, something I haven't yet tried.