Thursday, 19 February 2015

Galleys & Galleons: Chinese pirate junks

A flotilla of Chinese pirate junks from Grumpy's Miniatures has now joined my collection of ships for Galleys & Galleons. They are 1/300 but easily converted to 1/450  by replacing the crew and guns with Peter Pig  ones.

In the heading picture the original crew have been chopped off with GW Cutters and a chisel-shaped X-acto scalpel. I also once again replaced the masts with pins. It seems to be more difficult to superglue the sails to pins than to the original masts, but they should be more robust in the longer term. I'd rather restick a sail than be confronted with a bent or broken mast.

The Peter Pig vessels, in contrast, have extremely robust masts and sails cast in one piece. This is a very sensible approach for wargame models. Despite the over-scale thickness of the sails, this is hidden by clever and highly effective sculpting.

The picture (left) shows the junks with Peter Pig guns and crew added.


  1. Now that's what I like to see! I also now have a second junk (for my VOC) waiting for a sunny weekend for undercoating.

    1. I gave up on spray undercoating after that nasty experience with my Portuguese and Dutch for Irregular Wars. I now grab the gesso.