Sunday, 14 November 2021

Salute 2021

This is admittedly a bit of a non-report. I'm glad for the return to normality, but I didn't get anything out of Salute myself. I was seeking inspiration and motivation, but failed to find any. 
Unusually, I didn't have a shopping list and don't currently have any burgeoning new interests, so it was a question of going with nothing and coming back with nothing.

I was vaguely looking for a 1/56 ready-made, ready-painted Russian building suitable for my RCW project, but didn’t see anything. The dim artificial lighting sadly remains the overwhelming feature of the venue and my ageing eyes struggle to see figures properly under these conditions. This rather removes the point of looking at trade stands and the pleasure of looking at games. Unless I have a pressing reason, this is probably the last time I will go to Salute.


  1. Replies
    1. Jonathan, It was for me but mileage may vary…From a more objective POV I note that quite a few traders were missing and there seemed little attempt by those staging games to engage the public unless they were trying to sell something. That’s the commoditisation of wargaming for you, and, perhaps, the lingering effect of the Lockdown. Richard

  2. Last time I went to Salute was in 2007. Vowed never again, after that experience. Awful venue, not sure really about the future of the show in the next few years.

    1. Simon, I'm going to Warfare in a couple of weeks. Much more my sort of show. I like Cavalier too, but that won't be happening next year. As for Salute, I think it's becoming the wargame equivalent of a 'box shifter'. Literally. Richard

    2. I may go to Warfare Richard, still trying to decide. I have a feeling NRWS will not be running Colours next year. We do not seem to have the manpower at the club now.