Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Reorganising my 6mm Napoleonics for Blucher - a reapparaisal

After some very helpful discussion on TMP I'm inclined to go for smaller, 60mm square bases which will allow me to use my dining-room table without having to get out the 6' x 4' extension boards. For artillery, I'd follow the Polemos standard and mount each gun on a 30mm square, using them in pairs for Blucher.

60mm x 60mm bases, or 60mm x 30mm?

I could break down the infantry and cavalry bases into two 60mm x 30mm bases to give me greater flexibility for playing other games in which the bases would represent battalions, but if I did that it would be more difficult to fit in skirmishers and the general positioning would not look quite so good IMO.

And while 1 base equals 1 battalion works well for pre- and post-Napoleonics, I feel that a lower level Napoleonic game really cries out for multi-base battalions which can be formed into column, line and square.


  1. Have you made your final decision already? Here in Amsterdam we're still undecided. We might just opt for 2" by 2".

    1. It's a difficult decision and one I've postponed as other projects have since intervened. If pushed, however, I'd probably go for 60 mm x 30 mm bases grouped in pairs and capable of being used in other rules. I wouldn't bother with the skirmishers. The 60mm frontage is partly driven by the number of figures I happen to have in my existing units. I'm sure 2" x 2" would work just as well.