Saturday, 24 January 2015

Galleys & Galleons: The Pirateology xebec

I recently bought three Pirateology xebecs as the basis of a Barbary Pirate fleet for Galleys & Galleons. Sold as a 'Barbary Galley', the ship is nicely modelled and although no scale is stated, it seems perfectly compatible with the Peter Pig 1/450 Pirate ship range. I thought it might be helpful to take some close-ups with a Peter Pig ship for comparison.

The models are not full-hulled (they have flat bottoms), but they'll need 'waterlining' before they can be based and used. I don't think I'll bother to repaint them. I'm still thinking about whether to add some Peter Pig crew figures.

The Peter Pig ship photographed for comparison is the Large Merchant.


  1. Hello! Nice idea. What are these pirateology ships? Is there a European distributor form them?

    1. Hi! I bought mine from the States via eBay (UK). When I bought the xebecs the postage got aggregated, but when I bought some other ships it didn't which made them very expensive!