Monday, 24 March 2014

10mm ACW: The Grand Review: Part 1: The Confederate Infantry

My 10mm American Civil War armies are at last complete. Painted, stained, grassed and Ardcoated. Thank goodness. As promised/threatened, I'm now going to photo them all so you can see how they've turned out. The photos reveal both the good mass effect and the not quite so good close-up effect. First up it's the Confederate Infantry.

I like irregular armies and I prefer painting infantry, so the Confederate
Infantry are my favourite, even though they took more time to paint.

Slightly closer but not too bad

Closer still

And closer still. Almost like a scene from Gone With The Wind.


  1. Beautiful!! The mass effect is excellent, and the paint job just great...the last 'scene' is really impressive!

    1. Hi Phil

      Thanks for your comment. They're not painting competition material, but I think they pass the arm's length test.


  2. I think they are superb ~ personally I'm a Federal man myself. Currently looking for inspiration as I'm struggling with a 10/12mm version the 'Iron Brigade' (figures by Kallistra, a UK manufacturer) and these are certainly inspiring ~ well done.

    1. Thanks. I hope to actually play a game with them sometime this year. Kallistra figures are very nice, and yet another scale!