Tuesday, 28 February 2023

Old West at Cavalier 2023

Bank robbers make their getaway

Tonbridge Wargames Club staged a highly innovative Old West participation game at the Cavalier show. 

Masterminded by my friend and regular wargame opponent, Ian, the game utilised a simplified version of GW’s Legends of the Old West to present a range of simultaneous and potentially interactive scenarios ranging from bank robberies to Indian attacks. 

It wasn’t just cinematic, but a complete splice-up of Hollywood Western themes, and proved particularly popular with youngsters keen to make their own imaginative contributions. The figures (mainly Dixon) and buildings (mainly Products for Wargamers) were from Ian’s collection except for the train and Chinese labourers which were provided by Bernard.

A small Western town: home to so many dramas

The Tonbridge club (not to be confused with Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society) is a small but friendly club that meets just off Tonbridge High Street and plays a wide variety of games. 

Tonbridge Wargames Club

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