Monday, 9 January 2017

ArmiesArmy Pegasus VTOL for Gruntz 15mm

I try to resist project creep but it's futile. Once I'd discovered ArmiesArmy's Pegasus VTOL I had to have one...

ArmiesArmy shop: V-212 Pegasus VTOL

The parts are cleanly moulded and fit together well. The only parts I had to trim to fit were the closed-position under-carriage doors. Alternatively there are parts for having the under-carriage down.

The parts were quickly assembled with superglue.

I thought the resin might be difficult to drill for the flight stand but it was easy.

In flight. Just need a base to put it on.


  1. That is a cracker! I've been meaning to get three of these myself for my Gruntz GZG armies. Looks like I need to take the plunge!

    1. Three is a lot of points! But I know you are an aircraft enthusiast...

  2. What size is this flyer approximately?

  3. Hi, This project is boxed up at the moment but from memory I think the wingspan must be about 4"/100mm.