Tuesday, 17 January 2017

10mm Chinese Warlord Armies for Red Actions

I've now got the packs for two 10mm Chinese Warlord Armies to play Red Actions. One pack came from Pithead Miniatures, but all the rest were from Pendraken.

Nobody actually does any CWE miniatures in 10mm and I am indebted to Victor Pocilujko (GrumpyOldMan on TMP etc) for his very helpful advice on conscripting suitable figures from a variety of WW1 and other ranges.

The armies are based on the Northern Expedition 1926-1928 in which the southern National Revolutionary Army invaded and crushed the northern Fengtian/Ankouchon faction, and brought the Warlord era to an end.

The Southerners were distinguished by caps similar to those worn by the British and Russians in WW1 while the Northerners had more of a 'pork pie' version similar to that worn by the Japanese at the time of the Russo-Japanese War.

Getting all the packs I needed has generated quite a lot of surplus figures. The overs may go towards Balkan War, British 1914, Mexican Revolution, Russian Civil War and/or Colonial projects.

I had expected to make some compromises in recruiting Chinese Warlord armies from substitutes, but I'm now quite satisfied that thanks to Victor the figures I've accumulated are an excellent representation.

Pithead Miniatures Korean War Chinese in Winter clothing. These will be used as the more elite Northern riflemen and assault troops.

Pendraken RP6 and RJ3 as the bulk of Northern troops. The RP6 officers will go to the Southerners.

Pendraken NW4 and NW5 as bandits fighting for the Northerners. I won't be using the figures with shields or muskets.

Pendraken RJ5, JP7, F9a and FRE58 for the Northerners. I got the JP7 WW2 Japanese officers with the intention of using them as Dare-to-Die troops. The helmets could be painted as coolie hats. Sun hats were carried and worn but they don't look very military for Dare-to-Die troops so I wasn't really satisfied with them. (See below.)

Pendraken RA8 Afghan cavalry will make good Mongol cavalry for the Northerners.

Pendraken BP1, BP41, RP1 and SCW33 as Southern riflemen. Some of these may get short trousers modelled with Green Stuff.

Pendraken SCW32 as Southern riflemen, SCW34 as Southern assault troops and SCW35 as Southern officers.

Pendraken VM2 and VM3 as peasant recruits to the Southern army.

Pendraken RP2 (Southern HMG), RP3 (Southern cavalry) and ME19 as a Southern Austin-Putilov armoured car.

Pendraken RP4, AH10 (customised content) and VM14. The RP4 gun will go to the Northerners, the crew to the Southerners. The AH10 mountain gun will go to the Southerners, but I got Pendraken to supply RJW Japanese crew which will go to the Northerners. VM14  will provide the Northerners and Southerners with 3" mortars.
After taking the above pictures I ordered a special pack from Pendraken to provide Dare-to-Die figures for both sides. This consisted of RJW Japanese officers with swords for the Northerners and WW1 Russian officers with swords for the Southerners. (Also included were some extra RJW artillerymen.)


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  2. Cool. Very creative use of the variety of Pendraken figures. I look forward to when Pendraken does summer WWII Chinese.

  3. Great job so far, I once did Chinese Warlord armies using Peter Pig figures and was quite happy with my variety. Love your ideas here, am following with interest.

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    1. Actually getting stuff painted is a worry...

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