Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Simple table extension

I play mostly at my local club but also like to play at home when time permits. My dining-room table is actually an old kitchen table and measures only about 53" x 34", but I can temporarily turn it into a standard 6' x 4' wargaming table within a few minutes.

Before conversion: a scene of domestic tranquillity.
The raw materials: three 15mm 4' x 2' MDF panels, two batons,
twelve bolts and wing-nuts, and twenty-four 25mm washers.
Close-up of the hardware and a countersunk hole.
The bolts go through the MDF and batons and are tightened
with the wing-nuts. This is the view from underneath before
A bolt in place pictured from above. The countersinking
ensures the bolt is flush with the top of the table.
The extension assembled. (When not in use the MDF sheets
are stored unobtrusively by the side of a filing cabinet.)
A sheet completes the Field of Mars.


  1. Nice set up. Quick, simple and storable.

    1. It was also very cheap. The only drawback, which I discovered recently, was that it needs a couple more inches to accommodate a 6' X 4' area of Hexon without it overhanging the edges. I might have to get some hardboard to extend the extension!