Tuesday, 17 July 2012

28mm Irish War of Independence

After a very long haul and in between showers of rain I finally managed to Ardcoat my 28mm Irish War of Independence figures. These pictures show most of them. The core figures are Musketeer but they have been supplemented by others, notably Canon Fodder, and some conversions. They aren't going to win any painting competitions but they took long enough to do as it was. The figures are going to be used with the FUBAR skirmish rules. I hope to post some pictures of a game in due course.

Auxiliaries. The CO is sporting a leather coat and shotgun. Lewis guns in the rear. The building is a scratch-built barn made from foamboard with stone cladding from Antenociti's Workshop.
British Army with Crossley Tender (Matchbox). Yes, the K&M hedge has fallen over!  The roads are by J R Miniatures.
Auxiliaries with Lancia armoured lorry (Musketeer Miniatures).
IRA Flying Column, shotgun detachment. Background is a farm cottage, a similar scratch-build to the barn.
IRA Flying Column, riflemen.
IRA Flying Column, riflemen, Lewis gun.
IRA Flying Column, riflemen. Note the Canon Fodder piper.


  1. Hi Great looking game! It's sound fun I have a lot of stuff I could use to make it a 20mm game I think one day I will do to your find showing here:) Thanks Dave in Va.

  2. Hi Dave

    Thanks for your comment. I'm very busy with other things for the foreseeable future, but if and when I play this again I will probably use Gruntz 15mm Sci-Fi rules as they seem very good and cover stuff like de-bussing.


  3. HI
    What bases did you use?

  4. Hi Andrew

    I believe they are Games Workshop (?) slot bases. I mounted them on 2p coins. They add height. It's to cheat the scale so they can be used with the larger scale vehicles. Controversial but it works.