Saturday, 23 December 2017

2017 Scoreboard

A bloody denouement in the corral
My gaming, painting and blogging activity contracted further in 2017 but this was due mainly to other pressures rather than loss of interest.

My penultimate game of the year was a cowboy skirmish game kindly staged by my friend Ian using Games Workshop's old but solid Legends of the Old West. The bad guys (me) were holed up in in a livery stable. Given equal points I was expecting to blow away the lawmen as they approached over open ground, but this was not to be. At one point I decided to come out, guns blazing, but I failed to hit anything and then got well and truly gunned down.

Now for the overall tally. I played 2 games of Command & Colors Ancients, 2 games of X-Wing,  1 game of Battles of Napoleon, 1 game of Crossfire (early Great War), several 'training' games for Great War Spearhead, 4 games of Test of Honour, 1 exploratory run-through of Rommel, and 1 game of Legends of the Old West.

On the modelling front I started a couple of 3mm armies for Rommel and accumulated some 28mm Anglo-Zulu War figures for The Men Who Would Be Kings which I am currently rebasing.

Blog posts declined from 42 in 2016 to 27 (including this one).

My next post will be in the new year and will outline my likely pursuits in 2018.


  1. There has also been a lot of thinking and planning time that your list of plays does not reflect, such as how to base etc and those are always the type of posts that I enjoy as I think many of us get hung up on the same sort of difficultiess

  2. Norm

    Your comments are ever generous and encouraging! My fixation with thinking is partly a result of busy days with no time to spare and sleepless nights with nothing to do, but also because I enjoy speculation and planning. It's the expansive top layer of the hobby. Underneath comes the detailed research, then the lead mountain, then the work bench, then the boxes of completed armies and scenery and finally the act of playing a game - the theoretical end point and purpose of the whole engagement. (Or it might just be the excuse for that very top layer!)

    I've assumed that readers are looking for practical things they can put to use, and that posts about basing quandries, scale choices and rules options are of more restricted interest, but maybe I should share more ideas at an earlier stage in the process. Perhaps I'll try this out in the New Year and see what the response is...

    A merry Yule and a happy New Year!


  3. I like your breakdown of the various layers of lead. Sounds very familiar!

    1. The trick is not to let any of the layers weigh you down, but I haven't really found an answer for that. I keep starting new projects despite the burdens of research, painting and storage but that's the hobby as we know it!