Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Galleys & Galleons: Name that ship

People get very involved when, in multi-player games, they have a ship each, and I thought it would be a good idea to boost this personal identification by following other gamers in giving each ship a specific name.

So here are the names I've selected. Many of the ships are interchangeable in their affiliation. The Frigate and the Indiaman is actually the same model. Some of the names are historical or modern, i.e. stolen. Others are made-up.

The photos are random shots from the multi-player game that inspired the adoption of names. The ships remain unfinished but are gradually accumulating more paint.

Royal Navy
Frigate: Eagle
Sloop: Sea Nymph
Yacht: Rising Sun
Gunboats: Arges & Steropes

Indiaman: Good Fortune
Fluyt: Speedy Return
Merchantman: Cutty Wren
Dhow: Pride of Bengal

Pirates of the Spanish Main
Galleon: Wasp
Brigantine: Bold Rover
Schooner: Greyhound

Barbary Pirates (Xebecs)
Evening Star
Crescent Moon

Chinese Pirates (Junks)
Hailong (Sea Dragon)
Shengfeng (Victorious Wind)
Yingshan (Brave Mountain)
Wuxing (Martial Star)

Shore Forts
Fort Costa
Fort Nero

The Batteries and Cutters remain unnamed.


  1. Great idea!

    I've got a game of G+G on Tuesday...I'll have to work out some names for my ships now too!

    1. The next step is to make little cards for each ship. In multiplayer games these can be dealt randomly to each player. Each card would be something like:

      Bold Rover (Brigantine)
      48 Q2 C2
      Galleon Rigged, Swashbucklers

  2. Had my first game last night. Very impressed. Your posts on these rules are very helpful. I'm interested in using the rules for Napoleonic naval and can't see any immediate problems with doing so.

    1. It's certainly a fun game and it's tempting to adopt the mechanisms. I think it would be OK for Napoleonic naval skirmishes using small craft, but not for the attritional slogging matches that characterised fleet actions.

      I think Nic did an amazing job adapting land skirmish game mechanisms to a naval environment, but it inevitably remains a skirmish game IMO.