Monday, 27 April 2015

Salute 2015: all roads and hills

30mm wide roads: TimeCast (left), JRM (right).
Possibly not the most interesting photo to appear
on this blog.
Conscious of my painting backlog and diminishing time, I went to Salute with only the shortest of shopping lists. My priority was to get some more '6mm scale' JRM dirt roads from Magister Militum to supplement those I already have. I've got plenty of curves, junctions and cross-roads, but not enough straights.

The JRM roads, produced in a rubbery substance, are 30mm wide and good for pre-modern 6mm or 10mm games. Unfortunately JRM appear to have stopped supplying MM. Whether they are still trading outside the USA, I'm not sure.

My visit to the MM stand wasn't entirely wasted, however, as I had a chance to preview their new 3mm horse-and-musket range. I'm planning to get some for a variety of projects ranging from Thirty Years War to the Seven Years War, but I'm putting that off for the moment.

Anyway, I searched around for substitute roads without much hope but then came across the road system marketed by the admirable people from TimeCast and they are a very good match, or will be, once dry-brushed.

My only other purchase, besides a couple of bottles of paint, were some Hexon II three-hex slopes and a pack of assorted single hex slopes. Using the latter is a bit of a brain teaser. I feel I still need some single hexes with 2 adjoining slopes and 4 flat edges and perhaps some other permutations. Kallistra please note.

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