Sunday, 22 September 2019

D-Day with Rommel

My interest in Rommel nose-dived after I failed to get buy-in from other gamers and it has since fallen off even the back burner. However, a reader of this blog, Emjenic, suggsted my fellow gamers should take a look at the Rommel D-Day game on Little Wars TV. Here is one of the episodes.

I was excited to see this and thought it was an exceptionally good subject for Rommel. The game also looks particularly good. While I have a lot of other things to be going on with for now, it has made me think I should give Rommel another go.


  1. I'm in a similar position. I can't get into Rommel on the basis of the units being companies. I already have 'Field of Battle WWII' which gives me that level with a better game (I feel).
    But the little wars TV thing ups the ante, and makes units battalions. All of a sudden my interest is renewed - since if I used their approach, Market Garden on a single table becomes possible.
    So yes, I'm also looking at it again with hexes for MG.

    1. Going down the company route was a huge mistake IMO. I’m still on the lookout for a battalion or higher level game, but it needs to be well supported with historical scenarios.

      The Little Wars TV review at is pretty fair.