Tuesday, 26 March 2013

WW1 fortifications in 10mm

These fortifications were made to represent (1) 'trench and wire', and (2) 'concrete and wire' fortifications as defined in the first edition of the Peter Pig Square Bashing rules. They're somewhat redundant now but I'm posting this item for its modelling interest. Both fortification types are symbolic representations rather than accurate scale models, but they are inspired by real-life photos and diagrams.


The dugouts are based on late-war circular entrenchments and begin with an application of blunted drawing-pins to a pre-cut MDF base. These represent supports for barbed-wire and are painted with acrylic wood-coloured paint. 

The base is covered with Tetrion filler which is then scooped out to create a trench pattern.

The trench is painted with a darkened version of the paint I will be using on the top surface. This creates an illusion of depth.

The Tetrion is painted with PVA glue (avoiding the trenches) and bird sand is poured over the top to add texture.

First ground coat is applied to the dugout.

The dugout after a dry-brushing with a lightened version of the base colour, a very light dry-brushing with cream and an application of static grass.

Steel wool is applied to represent wire entanglements.


The pill-boxes are constructed from foamcore and mounted on MDF.  I realised at  this point that the structures needed to be a little higher, hence the added bases (uncut, bottom).

Each pill-box is surrounded by a circle of drawing-pins as with the dugouts.

The pill-boxes are coated with a mixture of Tetrion filler and PVA glue. The pill-boxes are then painted with a light-grey acrylic wash, and the base is coated with Tetrion, leaving a lower pathway into the rear.

The pill-boxes (right) are coated with sand.

This is a pill-box after application of the basic earth colour to the base, a dry-brushing with a lightened version of the same paint, and a very light dry-brushing with cream.

Steel wool is stuck to the posts to represent barbed-wire. An application of static grass completes the base.

An almost finished dugout and pill-box. The steel wool needs thinning out and the pill-box darkening.


  1. Thanks. I think I prefer making and painting scenery to painting figures. I actually have a couple of projects where I've made all the scenery but not got round to doing the figures.