Friday, 27 December 2019

2019 Roundup

I'll keep it brief and to the point. I set out to do more painting and gaming this year. I didn't achieve as much as I hoped, but I did add substantially to my collection of armies and most of these are either fully-painted purchases from eBay or at least based and undercoated (or soon will be) and thus close to being usable according to my own heretical ethos of what is acceptable.

Most-played game of 2019
I played 20 games in 2019 - 9 Rampant games (4 The Men Who Would be Kings, 3 Rebels and Patriots, 1 Lion Rampant and 1 Dragon Rampant), 2 Dux Bellorum, 1 Hammerin' Iron, 1 Black Seas, 4 Commands and Colors and 3 other board games.

Since my six-monthly review in July I've added the following forces:
  • 28mm Halfling army for Dragon Rampant.
  • 28mm Nordic Bronze Age army for Dragon/Lion Rampant.
  • 28mm Aegean Bronze Age army for Dragon/Lion Rampant.
These have been organised, cleaned up, assembled and based. Other new armies, in various stages of completion, include:
  • 28mm 1798 Irish Rebellion figures for Rebels and Patriots. These have been accumulating gradually.  I recently received the last batch so these will be cleaned up, assembled and based early in the new year.
  • 28mm Buccaneer and Spanish figures for The Pikeman’s Lament. I need some reinforcements for the Spanish and some supernumeries but the collecting phase is in sight of completion.
  • 6mm Thirty Years War armies for Tilly’s Very Bad Day. These are based and are currently being painted.
  • 1/700 Black Seas (Napoleonic naval) starter set. These are still in the box and very much on the back-burner.
  • Commands and Colors Medieval. Stickered and used.
One thing that's helped me stay productive is keeping a very brief diary of what I do. At the end of each month I tot up the days when I did at least something. This gives me a sense of achievement and highlights any lapses without feeling oppressive.

Although it’s not been an outstanding year for gaming and painting I made over 60 posts to this blog, partly as a result of illness and post-op indisposition. I'm now much recovered.


  1. That's a pretty good turnout and a lot more productive than mine this year! Well done indeed.

    1. Hi Jim

      It's always great to receive encouragement, but when I look at other people's blogs I feel my level practical achievement is very low!


  2. Your Year-in-Review suggests a very productive year to me. Twenty games in 2019 is outstanding. I really enjoyed following the development of your 30YW project both in figures and rules. I look forward to more of that in 2020. Also hoping to see more MEDIEVAL action. While I have several games of MEDIEVAL under my belt, my copy is still awaiting stickering.

    Best wishes for 2020.

    1. Jonathan

      I’ll never think of myself as highly productive but I feel satisfied if I do at least somethimg on some sort of regular basis.

      We all know that collecting and painting is a bottomless pit. The prospect of completing every started project is an impossibility, so I judge my progress on how often I scratch the surface rather than on the idea of actually completing things! Sad but true.

      All the best