Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Thirty Years War 6mm progress

Swedish pike-and-shot, Swedish horsemen, Detached shot, Cuirassiers,
Dragoons, German pike-and-shot, Croats, Arquebusiers.

I've based all the figures I had for Steven Thomas's Tilly's Very Bad Day. The the photo shows most of them (except for Commanders and Cannons), but it was only about half of what I need. Baccus was closed for renovation so I had to wait a while before placing a third order.

The bases are 60mm x 30mm MDF and steel, and the figures were glued on with PVA which gave me plenty of time to manipulate them into position. PVA is hardly the best glue for metal, but I've found it adequate for small scale figures. The figures are not perfectly aligned. This was deliberate.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I've actually got a little further with these, but now I have to bring the new batch up to the same level.

  2. How will you paint these with figures already affixed to a base?

  3. The bases look very good. Painting pre-based does look a headache, but I know you have been here before and it probably helps with a discipline of only painting what will be seen.

  4. Jonathan & Norm

    I'll basically be painting the tops and outsides, i.e. as if they were 2mm figure blocks! The overall impression is the thing. They should look OK from normal playing distance. I'll do photos as I go along.


  5. They look very impressive. Solid masses.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your painting progress photos.