Monday, 22 April 2019

Rebels and Patriots: Skirmish at Tumbledown Farm

Deployment: My Rebels on the near side.
Ian's British on the far side.
I concocted this Rebels and Patriots scenario as a variation on 'Scenario A: First Clash at Lament Ridge'. Instead of controlling a point on the hill for more turns than your opponent, 3 Honour points are awarded for occupying a centrally-placed farmhouse at the end of the final turn. It was also used as an opportunity to try out trees, Natives and use of more Sharpshooting Skirmishers.

Grenadiers Shock Infantry 6
Veteran Line Line Infantry (Veteran) 6
Light Infantry Light Infantry (Small) 5
Native Americans Natives 4
Native Americans Natives (Small) 3
Continentals etc Line Infantry 4
Continentals etc Line Infantry 4
Continentals etc Line Infantry 4
Riflemen Skirmishers, Sharpshooters 6
Riflemen Skirmishers, Sharpshooters 6

I don't yet have any Native Americans, so I had to substitute some Natal Native Contingent Zulu War figures.

Ian commanded the British. He was the Attacker which also meant he was better placed to occupy the objective first. He used his larger unit of Natives as 'greyhounds'.

Natives move forward to occupy the farm house.
Although he grabbed the farmhouse, this unit was isolated and I was able to concentrate most of my line against it. The Natives were shot out of the farmhouse despite its rating as Hard Cover.

Natives suffer concentrated fire from five Rebel units.
Ian next occupied the building with his Grenadiers but they eventually suffered the same fate.

Grenadiers move in.
Grenadiers accumulate casualties and are Disordered.
My skirmishers (left) and my right-hand Line unit take casualties.
With the game drawing to a close I was in danger of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, but I had just enough time to occupy the farmhouse myself and win the game.

The Grenadiers are on the run and my central Line unit is about to take the farmhouse.
I had some good dice, but this game is another example of what happens if you send a unit out on a limb, inadequately supported. If an opponent has a solid line they can concentrate their fire - indeed they are compelled to shoot at the nearest target.

Skirmishers were again good value for money.

Creating variations on existing scenarios seems a good way forward.

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