Friday, 26 April 2019

Border Reiver Project 5: Levelling the bases

The horse aren't actually on coins but I did them as well.
With individually-based figures, I would normally leave all aspects of base texturing to the end, but it has always been my intention to start using these figures before they are finished and I think the coin bases look particularly unsightly. I therefore decided to level off the bases as a priority.

It amazes me that some people who are much better painters than me don't bother to do this, but will go staight to flocking and thus leave a very obvious, unrealistic and ugly ridge at the edge of the cast figure base.

I have used cheap, Pound Shop, filler for levelling, but I fear it is rather powdery and brittle so I returned to using Tetrion, a robust filler with a proven record.

I apply the filler with a thin coffee stirrer, scraping it off around the rim of the coin and then prodding it towards the edge of the cast base of the figure. For this job I use the filler neat or with a tiny drop of water.


  1. I am using Ronseal’s plastic wood filler. It is brown and dries quickly. Easily covered and won’t chip back to white. The small tubs work out cheaper than the tubes, just keep it sealed and a tad moist.

    1. Norm, Thanks for that suggestion. I might try that. How does application compare with filler? Could it ever be removed at a later date? I'm not planning on rebasing, but you never know...

  2. I think it is tougher than filler, but I have broken into it to rebase, not something that I would want to do too often!

    It is thicker than filler and if it starts drying, it goes like a plastercine. It hold the marks of the application tool well (I use an an artists pointy palette knife), so it doesn't self level and needs working into the base to lose those tool marks. I'm probably making it sound like something to avoid ... but I like it!

  3. I know some use brown grout in the same fashion.

  4. I'm planning to PVA builder's sand over the filler. The sand is brown and doesn't need painting, but I'm now wondering if the filler will show through...