Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Border Reiver Project 2: Basing

2p coin bases: stable, stick to magnetic sheets
and only 2p!
I've written a lot recently about using 2p steel coins for basing individual 28mm figures, so I'll just add that my glue of choice for sticking the figures to them is the contact adhesive UHU Power which can be found in your local Pound Shop for £1.

You need to apply it sparingly, let it dry to the touch (about 10 mins), and firmly press the figure and coin together. I do a batch of about two dozen at a time. Once I've applied glue to the last figure and coin, it's time to start pressing the first pair together.

If done properly the figures and coins will remain stuck together. If you rush it they will come adrift as soon as you start to undercoat them and that can be very inconvenient.

Plastic milk-bottle tops have many uses and I've
collected them for years...
I use the coins tail down as that creates a smoother and more adherent contact with the magnetic sheet in the storage boxes. The bases will be textured etc at a later date.

For painting I then mount the figures temporarily on plastic milk bottle tops using Blu Tack. I've more-or-less given up drinking cows' milk as I've come to believe that's strange and unnatural and possibly carcinogenic, but I have a good stock of the tops.

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