Thursday, 28 February 2019

Rebasing incoming 28mm AWI figures

Left: British on 1p and 2p coins. Right: American on
plastic base and 2p coin.
My incoming 28mm British and American figures were both already based, but I still mounted them on 2p coins. The British were actually on 1p pieces and the Americans on Warlord Games plastic bases of almost 2p dimensions.

The 1p coins made the figures ridiculously light and tippy IMO and this reinforced my view that 2p coins were the right way to go for single 28mm figures. The WG plastic bases neatly fit within the tiny rim of the 2p, so both sets of figures were easy to position on their additional bases. (When existing bases and coins are exactly the same diameter, it requires more effort to ensure they stick flush.)

The gun and single mounted officer models were both
already on MDF bases and have simply had some steel
paper added.
1p coins are about 1.5mm thick and the plastic bases are 2mm thick, so these armies will end up a tad higher than my ACW ones which I mounted directly on 2p pieces.

Note that the original owner of the American figures did not use filler before adding flock which left the rim of the figure base showing.

The base tops will be given a new finish at a later date approximating to the finish already used on the gun base.  The British bases are nicely finished but I will need to resurface them because of the added 2p coins.


  1. 2p's do have that extra weight to stabilise the figures. Good choice.

    1. 1p coins may be better if you are regularly going to use sabots as it obviously allows the figures to get a more Close Order look. But most gamers seem to be happy with more economical figure densities!