Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Rebasing incoming 28mm ACW figures

I base my individual 28mm figures on 2p coins but some of the recently incoming American Civil War figures were already nicely based on 2mm MDF discs, so I decided to leave them as they were and to add steel paper so they will 'stick' to my magnetic-lined storage boxes.

The figures rebased on coins will be finished to match by adding filler, sterilised builders sand, and small clumps of foliage. The filler hides the edge of the figure bases. Builders sand is already brown so doesn't need to be painted. The sand is sterilised to avoid mildew and this is achieved by cooking in the oven in an old tin.
 The cavalry will be getting rectangular steel bases to give them a bit of stability.
The artillery pieces are being mounted on MDF and steel paper with the filler added first as they have no moulded bases to level off.


  1. Nice job, rebasing adds a lot!

  2. I concluded some time ago that bases were the most important element of any paint job. It’s an easy win.