Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Tools of the trade

Thicker than water?
I've always thinned acrylic paint with water,  but proper acrylic thinner is said to improve flow and coverage. So I ordered some Vallejo acrylic medium which is apparently the same stuff used in the paint but without the pigment. The reason for this extra care is the prospect of painting 6mm figures.

Shiny new scalpels and lots of new ways to cut your fingers.
A visit to a homestore chain, The Range, produced a nice set of scalpels and a packet of small-to-medium sized files. I have in the past tended to crimp on dedicated modelling tools but now I pick up whatever looks like it might be useful.

Something to file away for the future.


  1. Looks like quality purchasing there!

  2. Well, I do like the way the scalpel blades sit on magnetic strips and can easily be peeled off and put back!

  3. Was the acrylic thinner worth getting?

    1. That will need to be tried out as part of a larger experiment - how best to paint 6mm figures. I'm currently waiting for an order to arrive.