Wednesday, 30 November 2016

15mm Samurai for Irregular Wars

Japanese armed peasants join the lead mountain...
I bought some 15mm Two Dragons Samurai years ago to do a DBR army. There weren't enough figures and they've sat in a box ever since. But then I realised that with a few extras they would make an army for Irregular Wars. So I bought the extras and an Ikko-Ikki army to oppose them.

The Two Dragons figures are now sold through the Minifigs website and dispatched by Caliver Books. I'm very pleased to see that after all these years the castings are still excellent quality.

The only thing I'm now lacking is a portable shrine for the Ikko-Ikki which nobody seems to make in 15mm but which should be easy enough to scratch-build.


  1. Colour me interested! Looking forward to following the project Doc.

  2. It's not my only planned IW project but there's a big queue and I have a slow completion rate!