Tuesday, 27 December 2016

2016 Scoreboard

The film spin-off skirmish game, Terminator Genisys, was
my last game of the year. It's well designed and was
fun to play. I did just scrape a win even though all 
my surviving Terminators had been reduced to
Owing to other commitments and distractions my painting and gaming achievements continued to decline during 2016. I completed the armies for only one game - 15mm Portuguese / Dutch / Spanish armies for Irregular Wars. I did, however, create usable if unpainted 10mm Seven Years War armies for Maurice.

I also started 15mm Sci-Fi armies for Gruntz 15mm, collected 15mm Japanese armies for Irregular Wars, collected 10mm Chinese Warlord armies for Red Actions, and bought a first batch of 6mm Franco-Prussian War figures for Bloody Big Battles!

Perhaps that doesn't sound too bad, but my gaming total was very poor. This year I managed only 17 games. These were:

Bloody Big Battles! 3
Irregular Wars 3
C&C Battlecry 3
Might & Reason 2
Gorechosen 2
C&C Napoleonics 1
C&C Great War 1
Terminator Genisys 1
Other 1

The 'other' was a gangster skirmish game devised by a fellow club member, Bernard, and based on a set of cowboy rules possibly called Fistful of Aces. The games in bold are my own.

This is not a great total but all these games were enjoyable and worthwhile, which is the important thing.

Perhaps I should also mention that this is the forty-second post to the blog this year, the highest ever. Some may suspect that blogging is detracting from painting and gaming. Perhaps so. Nonetheless, I have had some very helpful feedback as a result of floating ideas here first so it's not a complete distraction.

My next post will be in the new year and will outline my plans and resolutions for 2017.


  1. 17 games will be considered a respectable number by many. Upon recently reading a thread at the Lead Adventure Forum, I was really surprised at how few games some people had played, yet still hung on to the notion of being a wargamer.

    Since wargaming has several dimensions, such as research, collecting, painting and blogging, I think it fair to say that the whole is greater than gaming alone and that the creativity and commitment required of a blogger is of itself an off-set to the number of games played, as gaming is not a single indicator of engagement with the hobby.

    I have enjoyed your posts because they get to the heart of wargaming, the mechanics, the 'how to' and a good dose of experimentation.

    I suppose it becomes a question of balance. In my own case, despite thinking and doing a lot about the hobby, all those elements are a bit out of balance for me, so I just need to juggle a bit to bring gaming a bit more to the fore and increase my own gaming in 2017 to those levels that I enjoyed in 2015.

    Look forward to hearing your 2017 plans and thanks for an interesting 2016.

    1. Hi Norm

      Thanks for your kind comments. That's a much better way of looking at things!

      Research is implicit. Maybe I should blog a bit more about that in future...