Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 Plans and resolutions

Crossfire: due for revival
I hope to reverse the downward trend in 2017 by getting more painting done and by playing more games. I'm unlikely to have more time, but I'm going to try to make better use of the time I do have.

My painting/modelling priorities are to :

1. Complete the Sci-Fi armies for Gruntz 15mm.
2. Paint the 10mm Chinese Warlord armies for Red Actions.
3. Undertake some trial painting of the 6mm Franco-Prussian War figures for Bloody Big Battles!

My gaming ambitions are to play games of:

1. Bloody Big Battles!
2. Command & Colours Ancients.
3. Crossfire.
4. Galleys & Galleons.
5. Gruntz 15mm.
6. Hammerin' Iron II.
7. Irregular Wars.
8. Maurice.
9. Red Actions.

Following the wise words in response to my last post from Norm of the Battlefields and Warriors blog about valuing engagement with all aspects of the wargaming hobby I should also add a few words about my plans for research, collecting and blogging.

I've largely completed the research for my  current projects, though some background reading and 'mood setting' would be good if I get the time. As for collecting, I would like to get some more painted 1/600 ACW ironclads if the opportunity arises, and I might photo some of my existing armies/navies that have not previously been featured on the blog in any detail. Blogging will continue as now.

Another aspect of the hobby which should also get a specific mention is 'planning'. Although it doesn't always have an actual output in terms of a wargaming project, I probably spend more time planning/dreaming about new armies than anything else. My current interest in that area is centred on possible approaches to and armies for Bloody Big World War Two Battles and The Men Who Would Be Kings. More anon no doubt.


  1. That sounds like a really interesting mix of things..looking forward to the 10mm Chinese stuff!

    1. Well, first off I'll be doing a review with photos of the figures I'm using for the Chinese Warlord armies. Although they are all 'conscripts' from other ranges I'm quite pleased with the collection now assembled.

  2. I'm reading up onCrossfire to give it a go

    1. Simple but subtle, Crossfire remains the most innovative wargame I've ever played. I look forward to reading about your experience.

  3. Good Luck with your endeavors! I decided to start up my own blog to help keep me focused and accountable.

    1. Good luck with the blog but keep things a little tongue in cheek or it will begin to feel like the day job!