Tuesday, 9 December 2014

More cheap blocks

Whilst browsing an economy hardware store, I came across a Jenga-type game, but in miniature. The game had 48 smoothly finished wooden blocks, measuring 45mm x 15mm x 10mm. At only £1.99 each I decided to snap up four while they were still available.

I don't have any immediate use for them, but I think they could, for example,  make good 20thC ship counters. Being wood they are obviously lighter than my 'ceramic' Mah Jongg tablets and may be prone to shifting about, but that won't matter so much if they are used for a hex game.


  1. Good idea. I saw some of those recently too, just have to remember where, now...

    1. Another thing I'm looking out for (in charity shops) is children's building bricks. I have a feeling that I might find some suitable for quick mass-produced buildings, maybe for an ancient city in 28mm. I'd stick them together and maybe face them with printed card.