Thursday, 21 November 2019

Thirty Years War 6mm progress 3: undercoating

Cannon and Commander: a black undercoat
would have been better...
Since my last report I snipped off all the pikes and improved the bases that had gaps in the texturing. I then used a scalpel to scrape off any sand that had got onto the figures.

Having completed the texturing of the bases I glued the guns in place. That wasn't done until this stage because the crew had bases needing to be hidden by the filler but the guns just sit on top.

I then applied a 50% solution of white gesso undercoat entirely covering the figures and bases and touched this up in good light. White on metal is not always easy to see in the middle of a 6mm pike block, but I expect the coverage was at least 95%.

Using white was a mistake. I should have used black gesso. It would have been easier to see against the bare metal and easier to cover in the next stage.

That concluded the preparation stage. The next stage is painting.


  1. Snipping the pikes is extra work, but I think you will be glad you did it. It will be interesting to see how well the thinned white Gesso performs.

    1. Getting in between the figures would probably not have been practical with the pikes in place. The white undercoat has not been disastrous but it has cost me extra time and trouble as I will explain in the next instalment.