Wednesday, 2 January 2019

2019 Interests

I didn't actually get to play many games last year, so this year I need to be more proactive. Games I'm keen to play are:
  • The Men Who Would Be Kings using my Pathans and Egyptians.
  • Lion Rampant using my Late Medievals. 
  • Dragon Rampant.
  • Dux Bellorum using my 25mm Vikings and Anglo-Danes. 
  • Hammerin' Iron.
  • L'Art de la Guerre.
I've learnt not to over-face myself with too long a to-do list, so while I have a lot of unfinished and potential projects, I'm only going to list (1) major projects which are (2) currently underway and (3) which I seriously intend to progress during the year:

     Timeline Miniatures Border Reivers from Hoka
    Hey Wargaming (not my painting!).
  • 28mm Border Reivers for The Pikeman's Lament. This is my main painting project for 2019. As soon as they have a basic coat of paint I intend to start using them and will then finish painting them over time.
  • 28mm 1798 Irish Rebellion for Rebels and Patriots. I'll continue gradually to collect these. If I complete my Border Reiver project, acquisition might speed up.
  • 28mm American War of Indepenence for Rebels and Patriots. I recently bought an ideal collection of well-painted Perry plastic British and am now looking out for a matching force of Continentals. This project will either be realised suddenly or not at all.
  • 15mm armies for L'Art de La Guerre. I'm currently reorganising, rebasing and supplementing some of my old 15mm Ancient and Mediaeval armies in order to create paired opponents for ADLG. My areas of interest are the Late Roman period, the Dark Ages and Europe 1250-1300. Rebasing figures and buying painted ones doesn't involve too much time or effort.
So there you have it: a modest range of rules systems (mostly closely related) and a firm committment to working on only one major painting project.


  1. Everything in moderation. That is a good goal. I especially look forward to your 15mm work with LdG and your impressions of the rules.

    Best wishes in 2019.

  2. Interesting project, 1798 Irish Rebellion sounds great...Happy New Year!

  3. A very interesting list..but not too long. Very sensible. Happy New Year!

  4. Achievable goals, especially as the 15mm ancients just need a re-base, look forwards to seeing them up and running

  5. Looks good to me! I wish I could be this organized!!

  6. During the year I hope to play and report on some ADLG games with pictures of various revitalised 15mm armies. Just picked up some more Goths from eBay today...

    Thanks to all for your comments and best wishes to you all for 2019!