Saturday, 21 October 2017

Rommel: Command Post Cards

Customised French Command Post
cards for Hannut scenario.
Rommel uses a 'Command Post' somewhat reminiscent of the planning board in Saga. It gradually fills up with dice to mark the events and tactics used until the whole board is optionally reset.

This is (a) an accident waiting to happen, and (b) difficult for secret selection of tactics, so some players are planning to substitute cards.

As I'd already started a database to generate unit cards, I was in the mood to develop functionality for managing CP cards as well.

This approach is also very convenient for dropping CP items you don't want or adding custom items for specific scenarios.

Database screenshot. Rough and ready but
functionally adequate.
In each CP 'pack' I've also included blank cards so the opposing player doesn't know if you're actually selecting a tactic or not. The cards are discarded when used, unique events for the rest of the game, and others until the CP is reset.

There are, of course, other ways of generating unit and CP cards. Databases require some 'professional' knowledge and more upfront investment but soon pay off on reuse.


  1. I like the idea of making the command posts cards instead. I'm working on putting together the stuff I need to play Rommel and I will add this to my list.

    Thanks for the idea.

    1. Sean

      Thanks for your comment. I think the cards are an essential replacement but they would be easier to handle if they were glossy.