Thursday, 15 October 2015

Galley & Galleons: Treasure Island

Terraforming Treasure Island
I've got a couple of shore batteries for Galleys & Galleons but had nowhere to deploy them, so it was time to make a tropical island.  Rather than trying to model something authentic based on a Googled image, I decided to use what I had - a tree slice with decorative bark.
The slice was cut at an angle, so although one side presented a nicely graduated rocky cliff, the other had an overhang which I had to finish off with filler. I started to apply gesso overall (the white area on top), but soon realised that the filler - which is quite deep - hadn't dried/hardened so work has stopped for now.

It should be a quick and easy project, but the piece is relatively heavy so I'm not planning to make any more of them. In any case, when playing G&G, islands seem to have a peculiarly magnetic effect on my ships with disastrous consequences, so I don't like to see too many of them!

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