Saturday, 2 November 2013

Just In Time Wargame Armies

I'm just working up to a trial game of Maurice. Having decided to dispense with national characteristics I found myself a few units short for a 100-points-a-side game. Earlier this morning I printed out some more labels and mounted them on MDF. Job done. No difficult uniform research that someone might well fault at a later date, no ordering expensive figures, no months of painting and basing.

If I ever do get some proper wargame armies for Maurice, they will either be second-hand ready-painted ones or 3mm ones if Oddzial Osmy ever does them.


  1. Good idea, Those bases look like they would also work well with Volley & Bayonet rules. I have been looking into a similar project for Trebia, which I did a few years ago in 2mm, but felt that I wanted much bigger bases.

    1. I haven't actually tried them on the table yet but I think this approach has great potential for games requiring reasonably large bases. These are 50mm square, but still fit into tiny boxes that are light to carry.

      If I need smaller but more stable bases and can make do with the size they are, I also have the tablets.