Friday, 19 July 2013

War And Peace Revival 2013

I visited the War And Peace Revival show at its new home in Westenhanger yesterday. It took time to adjust to the new venue. Walking right around the considerably enlarged 'living history'/campsite part took a long time and I was more than ready to wash the dust out of my throat with a pint of Spitfire while watching the 40s singing in the Victory tent. Anyway, herewith a few pictures. I think I know what most of the equipment was but I won't risk exposing my ignorance by trying to name it.

WW1 light railway

WW1 trenches. Would be very messy in the wet season.

WW1 wagon. Nice to see some 'not quite mechanised' stuff.

Germans continue to win on style points.

Stew's up.
Almost 18th Century.

You can't always wait for people to move out of the way.
A diorama prop at full scale.
A fancier diorama prop at full scale. Time for a beer.

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