Friday, 13 April 2012

10mm WW1 Western Front 1918 Armies for Square Bashing

Here are some pictures of my 1918 Western Front armies. All models are 10mm Pendraken mounted for Peter Pig's Square Bashing rules.

British machine-gunners and riflemen.

British staff, field-guns, howitzers, trench mortars, tanks and cavalry.

German machine-gunners and riflemen.

German staff, Stosstruppen, field-guns, howitzers, Minenwerfer and cavalry.


  1. I was wondering if 10mm would pass the visual test for WW1 - thanks - it does, these look very good.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence. For the game I play (i.e. Square Bashing) I think 10mm looks marginally better. However, I think figure basing is key. I once saw some 15mm SB armies which had four figures to a base, shoulder-to-shoulder. It looked positively Napoleonic.

  3. Seeing your 10mm SB armies convinced me this is the scale to go with. They look great.

    What size bases are you figures on? I wondered if you went with smaller base sizes could the game be played on 4x4" grid rather than 6x6"?

    1. 10mm is a great scale for WW1 but I would equally consider 6mm or, now, 3mm if you are pushed for real estate. The great thing about grid games is the flexibility.

      My toys are based as follows:
      Infantry 30mm x 30mm
      Artillery, Mortars, Cavalry, Artillery 30mm x 40mm
      HQ 40mm x 40mm
      Tanks 40mm x 60mm

      Let me know what you think.

  4. I've based my inf. 3 to a stand 25mmx20mm (I'd always intended using BKC for WW1 so base size was less important). Arty. & MGs on 25x25mm and tanks A/Cs on bases to suit size of vehicle.

  5. This is what led me to wonder if I could get away with a smaller grid. If I could it would be good as table space is at a premium. I was worried I'd struggle to get more than two battalions per square. How often is this likely to happen?

    1. You will definitely need/want to put up to 3 units of any given type per square.

  6. Ok thanks for the advice.

    I forgot to say, my original idea for the infantry base sizes was so as they'd fit in Kallistra Hexon Trenches.