Sunday, 6 November 2011

15mm Crossfire - Stalingrad

Inspired by Steven Thomas' '2 foot city scenario' for Crossfire, my 'Stalingrad' project involves small German and Russian forces (15mm Peter Pig figures) and an extensive cityscape. I'm using some J R Miniatures buildings from Magister Militum and some generic ruins from Ironclad Miniatures, but most of the buildings are scratchbuilt using modular foamboard units.

These pictures show the cityscape as originally envisaged. Unfortunately, placing figures within the mult-storey buildings proved to be fiddly, confusing (the bases got lost) and complex (house rules were needed). At first I separated the floors and used all the buildings as single-storey, but this didn't look right. Finally, I stuck the buildings back together.

My cityscape now consists of rubble areas interspersed with buildings, and I will add some pictures of these in a later post. Bases are placed only on the top floors. A single-storey building accommodates two squads with an extra squad allowed for each extra storey. This allows the buildings with more floors to be occupied by stronger forces. Gameplay is otherwise exactly as in the basic rules.

The '2 foot city' in progress.

Close-up of factory. The chimney is made from wine corks, tube tops and 'green stuff'.

Buildings from the superb J R Miniatures Stalingrad range. It will be interesting to see how well my home-mades integrate with these professional pieces. I'm hoping that a similar paint job will help to reduce the difference a little!
Generic ruins from Ironclad Miniatures. These structures are made from the contents of two kits and mounted on MDF bases. The second picture shows an application of cat litter.
Resin buildings from Kerr & King. These were a bit tricky to fit together and suffered from gaps, but they paint up well.
Some of the finished foamcore buildings.


  1. Looks really good, even at this early stage of construction.

    1. Thanks. I think they were quite innovative at the time but you can now buy some excellent 15mm Stalingrad-style ruins in laser-cut MDF from Warbases and maybe other companies. But you still need to add rubble.