Sunday, 6 November 2011

15mm Crossfire - Stalingrad games

May 2011 game
These shots are of a Crossfire 'Stalingrad' game played at my local club in May 2011. The home-made foamboard buildings have undergone some trauma and need patching up in places. If I was making these again I'd make them slightly smaller (3" x 3" modules) and add some rubble on the outsides. If I did this now the 4" x 4" structures wouldn't fit in the Really Useful Boxes in which I store and transport them.

The Soviet left flank. Note the T34 (Stalingrad variant) straight from the factory! The colour represents red lead primer and is coincidentally good camouflage against the red brick rubble. 

The Germans (right) drop smoke in front of the central Soviet positions.

The Soviets are using hidden deployment - hence the number markers on each terrain feature.

The layout is loosely based on an actual historical part of Stalingrad.
February 2011 game
These are some earlier photos from February 2011 when I had temporarily broken up the multi-storey buildings into single-storey units. This makes for an interesting game but doesn't quite capture the right atmosphere in my opinion.
The white edges need painting. The white interiors have since been painted black.

The railway track also needed painting at that stage.

Close-up of troops deployed.

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