Monday, 20 April 2020

Thirty Years War 6mm progress 10: Croats, Dragoons, Cannons and Commanders

Spaced out in comparison to figures on other bases, the Croats, Dragoons, Cannons and Commanders demand a fuller and more conventional approach to painting. The bases photographed here aren't necessarily finished but the general impression they give isn't going to change much.

Croat Light Cavalry
The Baccus figures used for the Croats aren’t exactly correct but give the right impression and will do. I cut away some of the lances to represent firearms, but if you look closely you can see anachronistic bow-cases. However, I will insist that all viewers maintain social distance. At 2 metres the problem disappears, a small compensation for the end of normal life.

Swedish Dragoons
The Dragoons are my favourite figures and I have created the bases as little dioramas in contrast to the massed ranks of the Horse and Foot. It’s tricky to get the paintbrush in, but there are only a few of these bases to do.

Some generic Guns
The Cannons are what they are. Not much else to be done on these.

Some generic commanders
The Commanders are like other mounted figures of various types - Cavalier, Roundhead or Cuirassier style. In theory I could attempt to complete the Commanders to a higher standard but it would only raise expectations. The trick is to make the whole army look good enough at a glance.

These bases have more room for static grass and maybe some other foliage. This will detract from the meagre painting and greatly add to realism.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. Hard to say what my main scale is. I’ve been through a few - 25mm, 15mm, 10mm and now mainly 28mm.

  2. Think both the Dragoons and Croats look the part. And obviously different to their massed peers.

    1. The dioramic possibilities are one advantage of using the smaller scales.

  3. Nice stuff indeed and this is a great blog! well done!

    1. Thanks for your comment and encouragement, which are all the more appreciated coming as they do from such an esteemed modeller and blogger as yourself!