Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Bespoke foam trays

Custom-made trays from Just Lasered. The centre one
is pick'n'pluck.
I didn’t want my new Dark Age resin scenery rattling round in a box when I transported it. I had already been looking at foam trays for figures, but I couldn’t find any to fit and fill my favourite storage solution - Really Useful Boxes.

Then I found Just Lasered whose products include RUB-friendly foam trays made to order. If you know exactly what you want you can get the cavities ready cut, but I decided to go with the pick’n’pluck option. Just Lasered are brilliant at meeting bespoke requirements and provided just what I wanted.

As the term suggests, pick’n’pluck allows you to create your own cavities by pulling out the partially-cut foam pillars. This allowed me to tailor each cavity to each individual piece of scenery, minimising rattle and making best use of the available volume. The pick’n’pluck comes in various thicknesses and some people favour a layered approach so they can pick out various different depths. This is possible but I found it a little tricky.

I will certainly be considering Just Lasered for future storage requirements where appropriate.

Just Lasered


  1. good shout, makes the really useful boxes .... really useful! A few time now, I have unthoughtfully picked up a really useful box by the handle clip, which has shot open, fallen from my hands and twice caused broken flags and a few bayonets. This should certainly reduce that risk.

  2. Yes, I’ve had accidents with RUBs too. They don’t clip shut as strongly as one would like. They are also relatively expensive. But they are still my first choice. Pity there isn’t a more shallow version of the 4L box, though, as figures don’t always need that depth. A box between the 4L and 9L height, but with the same footprint, would also be useful. For my Late Medievals I’ve used foam-board to create a 2-layer 9L box, with one deep and one shallow layer.