Saturday, 29 March 2014

10mm ACW: The Grand Review: Part 3: The Artillery

Herewith the Confederate and Union artillery. In a Civil War battle being with the artillery was the safest place to be.

In each photo the six guns at the front are Napoleons. The guns at the back are a Parrott Rifle (left) and a 3" Rifle (right).

Between my second and current incarnations as a miniature gamer, my gaming activities were confined to playing computer games, particularly the TalonSoft Battleground American Civil War series. 

In addition to the military and gaming aspects, I also particularly liked the soundtrack of ACW songs performed by Bobby Horton and I subsequently bought the whole set of Homespun Songs of the CSA on CD. I must remember to get the US ones as well. He's also done an American Revolution/American War of Independence album.


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    1. Thanks! I hope actually to play a proper game with them some time this year!